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We all know we need to do it. But how many of us skip the stretch? Therapist-assisted stretching benefits all ages, all body types, and people engaged in all levels of physical activity. Whether you want to simply relax sore muscles, prevent injury as you train for your next athletic feat, or recover from a recent injury, our talented therapists will get you back on track to better health and fitness.


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COMING SOON – Studios in New York, Boston, Boca Raton, Darien, CT

StretchOut Studios offers therapist-assisted stretching based on the world-renowned Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) technique of stretching muscles and the myofascial system. Our therapy creates a highly significant improvement in mobility, strength and athletic performance as well as accelerates the healing process. Your Stretch Therapist will help you achieve better flexibility and range of motion, using a protocol developed specifically for your body’s needs.


Proper stretching allows for deeper breathing, better digestion, relaxed nerves and a more relaxed, healthier you.


Athletes of all ages and abilities will benefit from stretch therapy – increasing muscle length and blood flow to the muscles needed for activity.


Specifically targeted stretching can uncover the real root of the problem and help get you back to feeling 100% fast.